our story ...so far

The Ukoholix started off as members of the Swansea ukulele club and one club night it was suggested that it would be great if we started a band and did a few gigs in the local area , when the laughter subsided a band practice night was arranged and in june 2012 The Band was born .

After the fist gig the ukulele band with no name was on cloud nine , we just could not believe how much fun playing to an audience could be , never mind how much fun the audience had singing along to a ukulele band . The next band practice was when the name Ukoholix was agreed on and how the band should carry forward . It was agreed that audience participation would be paramount and upbeat singalong songs was a must. The band was then asked to do a music vidio for a local artists that wanted a ukulele band but needed them dressed in 1930s clothes , we all turned up for the days filming suitably attired in our flat caps and waistcoats and the moking continued for most of the day But in between filming the band members sat around jamming when the film maker said how surprised they were to see people dressed as we were and playing Sex on fire by the kings of leon and so the uniform was adopted but as we evolved so has the band image , the waste coat has managed to stay so far but thankfully gone are the flat caps . 

The band has gone from strength to strength and with the added factor of bass and percussion a more fuller sound can now be achieved broadening the song repertoire more and more and with the addition of KaraUke to the performance has opened up to a wider audience and now is a main feature at private functions, weddings and even house partys .